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Colorful map of anticipated sewer expansion PHASE 1 projects in the Town of Barnstable
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Vineyard Wind is currently building the nation's first utility-scale offshore wind energy project over 15 miles off the coast of Massachusetts.  The project will generate clean, renewable, affordable energy for over 400,000 homes and businesses across the Commonwealth, while reducing carbon emissions by over 1.6 million tons per year.


The Route 28 East project will allow approximately 90 properties to connect to the municipal sewer system and will install critical infrastructure needed to proceed with other Phase 1 sewer expansion projects.

This project will expand sewer westerly along Route 28 to the intersection of Route 28 and Phinney’s Lane. The project will install approximately 8,600 linear feet of new sewers within Route 28, Phinney’s Lane, and West Main Street.

The project will construct a new sewer pump station at the Town-owned property located at 1456 Falmouth Road, and will install approximately 11,600 LF of sewer force mains from the pump station to the Water Pollution Control Facility.

The project will also install 4,300 linear feet of water main within Route 28, Earle’s Court and Captain Ellis Lane to improve water quality and water pressure. The DPW hosted a public informational meeting in November. In case you missed the presentation you can view it below.