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Town of Barnstable Comprehensive Wastewater Management Plan Annual Update

In accordance with the Town of Barnstable’s Comprehensive Wastewater Management Plan (CWMP) 208 Plan Consistency Determination, the Town is required to submit an annual plan update.

The CWMP Annual Report includes a fiscal year implementation summary, outreach and engagement efforts, a financial plan update, and more. Additionally, each year the Town is required to submit a variety of data sources to the Cape Cod Commission including but not limited to sewer connection data, building permit data, groundwater discharge permits, water use and water quality data.

Town of Barnstable FY2023 CWMP Annual Report

Town of Barnstable FY2022 CWMP Annual Report

FY23 CWMP Annual Report

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sewer ordinance

Sewer Ordinance

The Sewer Assessment Ordinance received a First Reading via the Barnstable Town Council on April 15, 2021. A subsequent, Special Town Council Meeting was then held on April 29, 2021, followed by the Public Hearing and formal vote. The Sewer Assessment Ordinance received a vote of approval on May 20, 2021.

Cape Cod Commission 208 Plan

Cape Cod 208 Plan

The Cape Cod 208 Plan Update provides a path forward for restoration of the coastal waters that define this iconic region. Since the Plan’s approval in 2015, the region has seen many successes, but action is still needed to achieve the goals of nitrogen reduction and improved water quality Cape wide.

cape cod water quality portal

Cape Cod Water Quality Data

The Town of Barnstable’s embayment monitoring data is provided directly to the Cape Cod Commission, per the requirements associated with our 208 Plan Consistency Determination. The Cape Cod Commission then integrates the data into the Cape Cod Water Quality Data Portal, for public viewing.