As part of the Town of Barnstable’s Comprehensive Wastewater Management Plan (CWMP), and subject to approval by the Barnstable Town Council, the Town is seeking State Legislative approval to change the use of approximately 3,400 square feet of land located within the existing paved parking lot of Craigville Beach in the Village of Centerville in the Town of Barnstable. The Town proposes to use this land for the construction of necessary sewer infrastructure to support sewer expansion consistent with its CWMP. The land for which the change of use is proposed is subject to the protections of Article 97 of the Amendments to the Massachusetts Constitution. The Town has not identified suitable replacement land, and, therefore, is seeking approval of funding in lieu of replacement land. In accordance with M.G.L. c. 3, sec. 5A, the Public Lands Preservation Act, the required alternatives analysis can be found linked below. The public is invited to comment on this proposal. The Town will also provide the required notice to the Commonwealth’s Secretary on Energy and Environmental Affairs.

A public comment period will remain open until 12:00PM EST on Thursday, September 7, 2023. Please submit your comments to Kelly Collopy, Communications Manager, at the Barnstable Department of Public Works, at