Water Districts & Systems

The Town of Barnstable has five Water Districts.

Public water is provided to distinct fire districts in the town of Barnstable for fire protection. Drinking water is the secondary benefit.

All fire districts have separate municipal departments and they pretty much run like businesses. Citizens of Barnstable pay different amounts for water than other citizens, based on the fire/water district in which they live. 

There’s the Barnstable Fire District, the Centerville, Osterville and Marstons Mills (C.O.MM) Fire District, and Cotuit Fire District. West Barnstable maintains its own fire district, but they don’t provide their own water as the other districts that maintain a fire arm. The Hyannis Fire District gets its water from the Hyannis Water Supply Division, an enterprise fund in the Town of Barnstable, and really is only a fire department. 

In West Barnstable, private wells provide water to homes and businesses.




Source Exploration Report (Volume I)

Source Exploration Report (Volume II)

FINAL REPORT – PFAS in Barnstable Waters Sept 2021
The Distribution and Composition of PFAS in Select Water Supply Wells and Surface Waters of Barnstable, MA  | Hydrogeological Tech Report #1

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