In addition to the Sewer Assessment, a property owner is responsible for the cost to connect their property to the public sewer system located in the street. Connection costs will vary based on property characteristics. It is recommended that property owners obtain at least three bids from a qualified sewer installe

Once sewer service is connected, property owners will be charged a sewer service user fee based on their water usage. The current typical residential sewer usage bill averages around $435 annualy and may vary based on water usage. If the property has irrigation, a property owner can install a deduct meter which will enable the property owner to realize a savings for water that does not enter the sanitary sewage system.

Finally, if the cost of expanding the public sewer system is not assessed 100% to the property owners scheduled to be connected to the system, a General Fund contribution will be required to fund a portion of the program. This results in a portion of a property owner’s property taxes being used to fund the program.

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