The Town of Barnstable Department of Public Works hosted interested individuals on Tuesday, March 14, 2023 at the James H. Crocker Jr. Hearing room at Barnstable Town Hall for an informational meeting overviewing sewer expansion in Centerville Village.

Town Engineer, Griffin Beaudoin, P.E., provided an overview of the Comprehensive Wastewater Management Plan (CWMP) before sharing a brief status update for each of the active projects currently included within Phase 1 of the 30-year sewer expansion plan. After reviewing implementation milestones, Beaudoin provided a deeper look at the upcoming Centerville Village Sewer Expansion Project.

The Centerville Village Sewer Expansion Project is projected to include five miles of new sewer, six new sewer pump stations and effectively enable 350 properties to be connected to municipal sewer. In conjunction with the proposed Park City Wind (PCW) project, sewer construction would be expedited within the roadways of the intended PCW on-shore duct bank route. Currently, the Department of Public Works is coordinating sewer expansion design alongside PCW, in anticipation of sequencing construction for both projects accordingly.

Sewer construction funding is anticipated to be included within the fiscal year 2024 Town budget, with construction targeting a Spring 2024 start date. It is estimated that sewer construction will take approximately two years to complete and once functional, will result in the removal of 6.6 kg/day of nitrogen from the Centerville River Watershed.

Click below to watch the recording of the in-person presentation, including opening remarks from Nikolas Atsalis, Barnstable Town Councilor, Precinct 4.

To view a copy of the Centerville Village Sewer Expansion presentation deck, please click here.

The Department of Public Works will be accepting public feedback through April 30, 2023. Questions and comments may be emailed directly to Kelly Collopy, Communications Manager, Barnstable Department of Public Works, at: