Today’s Update:

Eugenia Fortes Beach is now re-opened to swimming. Samples taken on July 12th, July 13th, and July 14th exceeded both the single count and the geomean limit, resulting in the need to continue to retrieve and analyze additional samples over the course of multiple days. Finally today, due to very low counts of Enterococci bacteria detected in samples analyzed during the past several days, this beach now shows good water quality and meets the standards set by Massachusetts Bathing Beach Regulations, 105 CMR 445.000.

Other Information/- Cyanobacteria Levels:

Warning Level
Lovell’s Pond, Marstons MIlls
Long Pond, Marstons Mills
Long Pond, Centerville
Shubaels Pond, Marstons Mills
Fawcett Pond, Hyannis

Pet Advisory Level
Parker’s Pond

If you are interested in receiving more information about Cyanobacteria and locations monitored, you may view the CyanoMAP at to see recent cyanobacteria monitoring results from APCC. If you are interested in receiving email notifications when there is a potential toxic bloom identified by APCC, you may opt-in to the APCC toxic alerts. In order to receive email notification for toxic alerts, click this link: This link will bring you to a webpage where you will be asked to enter your email address in order to receive toxic alerts.

Thomas A. McKean, RS, CHO
Director of Public Health